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The Health Insurance Marketplace is a federal website where people without affordable health insurance may learn about available insurance plans and select coverage from a list of options. HDNW is here to help you understand your options and help you get started with enrollment. Even if you currently have insurance coverage, the Marketplace may offer an alternative. We're here to help answer questions.

Visit, or call 1-800-432-4121 for answers to your questions and/or referral to a Certified Healthcare Coverage Enrollment Assistor in your community.

*The Affordable Care Act authorized State Planning and Establishment Grants to help states establish Health Insurance Marketplaces, or Exchanges. This funding will give states the resources to conduct the research and planning needed to build a better health insurance marketplace and determine how their marketplace will be operated and governed.

Michigan.Gov Health Plan
MI Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids provides free health insurance coverage for pregnant women and children ages 0-19. Coverage can include doctor visits, dental and vision services, lab fees, prescriptions, hospital expenses, and any other services normally covered by Medicaid. Apply Online

For pregnant women and infants up to their 1st birthday:

  • $24,882/year for 1 person
  • $33,618/year for family of 2
  • $42,354/year for family of 3
  • $51,090/year for family of 4
  • $59,826/year for family of 5
  • $68,562/year for family of 6
  • $77,298/year for family of 7
  • $86,034/year for family of 8

For children age 1 to 19:

  • $20,416/year for 1 person
  • $27,584/year for family of 2
  • $34,752/year for family of 3
  • $41,920/year for family of 4
  • $49,088/year for family of 5
  • $56,256/year for family of 6
  • $63,424/year for family of 7
  • $70,592/year for family of 8

Michigan Child (MIChild)

MIChild provides health insurance coverage for uninsured children ages 0-19. Doctor visits, immunizations, prescriptions, dental, vision, and hospital care are all covered. The cost is $10.00 per family per month. Call 1-800-432-4121 for more information, or visit the MDHHS MIChild Website.

Yearly family income limits for eligibility are as follows:

  • $27,051/year for 1 person
  • $36,549/year for family of 2
  • $46,046/year for family of 3
  • $55,544/year for family of 4
  • $65,042/year for family of 5
  • $74,539/year for family of 6
  • $84,037/year for family of 7
  • $93,534/year for family of 8
MI Child Health Plan
Active Senior for Health Insurance

Healthy Michigan Plan

Looking for health care coverage that works for your health and your budget? There's an option to help working people like you get healthy — at a cost that works in your budget. It's the Healthy Michigan Plan.

We understand you shouldn't have to choose between taking care of your health and taking care of your bills. That's why the Healthy Michigan Plan makes health care benefits available to individuals at a low cost. Learn more to see if the Healthy Michigan Plan is for you and find out if you may be eligible.

To enroll, visit or call 1-855-789-5610. If you have questions, or need help enrolling, call us at 1-800-432-4121.


Medicaid is a health care program that provides comprehensive services to low-income adults and children. Services covered by Medicaid are offered through what is called fee-for-service or through Medicaid Health Plans.

To apply for Medicaid, complete an application online at

If you are having trouble enrolling in Medicaid, or if you just have question about whether you qualify, call 1-800-432-4121. We can answer your questions and help you enroll.

Medicaid Program