Monthly Flu Clinics

Flu Clinics

2023 Fall Flu Clinics Officially Done for the Season!

While HDNW continues to offer immunizations at our office clinics, the community-based initiative we launch each fall is ending. At the request of the community, staff packed up our coolers, immunizations, and supplies to offer 13 community, 14 senior, and 12 business-based clinics.

The annual outreach helps residents conveniently update their vaccinations. Through the clinics -- held by invitation at schools, senior centers, senior living facilities, and private businesses -- 1,496 residents received a total of 2,180 flu, senior flu, COVID-19, and children’s vaccinations.

Stay Tuned for our 2024 Season

HDNW has taken proactive steps to promote the well-being of its four county jurisdiction by offering flu clinics in 2024. These clinics play a pivotal role in ensuring that adults and families within the area maintain good health throughout the flu season. By providing easy access to flu vaccinations, the HDNW not only helps prevent the spread of the influenza virus but also safeguards the overall health of its residents. We offer the LAIV nasal spray vaccine and the traditional influenza vaccine.

These clinics serve as a vital resource, offering a convenient and affordable way for community members to protect themselves and their loved ones against the flu. Check back on this page end of Summer 2024 for our Fall Flu Clinics!