Environmental Health

Promoting Wellness and Sustainability

Shaping the Quality of Life in Northwest Michigan

At the Northwest Health Department, we are dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of our community by focusing on the crucial intersection of human health and the environment. Our Environmental Health Division plays a pivotal role in monitoring, assessing, and mitigating the impact of environmental factors on public health.

Beach Monitoring

HDNW evaluates the water quality along about 50 Great Lakes and Inland Lakes beaches annually.

Drinking Water Wells

We offer a comprehensive safe water program, aimed at ensuring the safety of both our community and people frequenting local businesses.

Communicable Disease and Reporting

HDNW helps stop the spread of contagious disease through tracking and controlling the spread.

Sewage Systems

Proper permitting and maintenance of residential septic and sewage systems is essential to ensure a clean community.

Adult and Child Care Facilities

HDNW conducts inspections for a variety of adult and childcare facilities.

Bats, Bites and Rabies

HDNW tracks vector-borne diseases that can threaten individuals or the health of our communities.

Body Art Facilities

HDNW conducts inspections and assists in body art facility licenses and regulations.

Food Safety

The Food Safety Program helps ensure the proper handling and distribution of food served to the public.

Campground Inspections

When you visit campgrounds for that next outdoor adventure, rest assured that HDNW ensures they are safe and clean!

Indoor Air Quality and Toxins

HDNW helps promote safe, indoor air quality. Air can have a significant effect on your health.

Public Swimming Pools

While HDNW staff also tests the water at beaches, we also sample public swimming pools and spas to safeguard the people who use them.


Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soil, rocks, and water. HDNW offers education and radon testing kits.

Type II Non-Community Water Supply

HDNW inspects and educates on Type II (Non-Community Water Supply) systems.