While COVID-19 continues to spread globally--and throughout the Northwest Michigan region--there vaccines and medications are now available to negate the impact of this communicable disease. While we are retaining the information we assembled during the height of the pandemic, we are no longer providing a local-only dashboard for case counts and vaccines. The links below provide access to state and federal sites that includes case counts and vaccines by county.

HDNW continues to provide COVID-19 vaccines for people 6 months and older at its clinics. To view a schedule or make an appointment, go to the COVID-19 Vaccination page, or call 800-432-4121.


For a dashboard on vaccine rates at statewide and local county levels, go to COVID-19 Dashboard.

For more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, visit the MDHHS vaccine website or the CDC vaccine website.


To monitor case counts and pandemic indicators, please visit the MI Safe Start Map.

Ongoing Personal Safety Recommendations

  • Stay current with COVID-19 and other immunizations,
  • Create a supportive environment for anyone choosing to wear a mask,
  • Follow isolation guidelines when diagnosed with or showing symptoms of illness,
  • Promote testing, symptom monitoring, and potential quarantine,
  • Continue to report illnesses to the school and the local health department as required by public health code, and
  • Consult guidelines for when to keep children home from school.