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Beach Monitoring Program

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan (HDNW) begins its annual Beach Monitoring Program Monday, June 17. Over the summer, through Friday, Aug. 30, water sampling will take place at about 50 Great Lakes and Inland Lakes throughout Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet, and Otsego counties.

Water Testing

HDNW has a comprehensive Drinking Water Well Program, aimed at ensuring the safety of both our community and people frequenting local businesses.

Get your water tested today!

The Annual Report is Here!

Learn about all of the accomplishments of HDNW from 2023.

Board of Health

To watch the June 4 Board of Health meeting and Program and Evaluation Committee meeting, click here.

To review the Special Board of Health meeting minutes, click here.

Measles is Preventable

Learn how to keep your children and community safe.

Immunizations Keep You Healthy and Strong.

We proudly serve the residents of Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet, and Otsego Counties.

Our mission is to serve our entire community and to achieve health equity by promoting well-being, preventing disease,
and protecting the environment through partnerships, innovation, and excellence in public health practice.

Featured Health Services

We aid adults in family planning, reproductive health, tobacco cessation, and screening programs.

We empower Northern Michigan families with wellness, education, prevention, and compassionate care.

We're committed to youth well-being through diverse child and adolescent health and wellness programs.

Clinic Locations

Throughout our four-county jurisdiction, we offer 5 convenient locations. In each County, we work hard because we care. We never waver. We are proud to be...HDNW!