Wise Choices

Wise Choices is a program designed to screen and identify income-eligible men and women, insured or uninsured, aged 18 and up, with risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Screening may take place in Sexual Health Services (formerly Family Planning) at the Health Department or in conjunction with Worksite Wellness or a Community Health Event. This program provides cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Glucose or A1C, Body Mass Index, and Blood Pressure measurements. A Wise Choices Nurse reviews the screening results and counsels the participant in risk reduction.

The participant has the opportunity to set a healthy lifestyle goal and receive one-on-one health coaching in:

› Blood Pressure Medication Use
› Weight Management
› Diabetes Prevention
› Healthy Eating Habits
› Smoking Cessation
› Physical Activity

Call 1-800-432-4121 to make an appointment or for more information.