Northern Michigan Regional Lab

Northern Michigan Regional Lab Northern Michigan Regional Laboratory (NMRL) is located at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan building in Gaylord, MI. The laboratory provides well water testing services to ensure that private and public drinking water sources are safe for consumption. Water testing includes bacterial checks for fecal organisms; and chemical testing for chloride, fluoride, sodium, iron, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, and hardness. The laboratory tests beach and pool water samples for the presence of fecal bacteria to ensure that local residents and visitors have a pleasant experience in Northern Michigan, and are not exposed to the possibility of disease from contaminated lake or recreational waters.

The NMRL serves as the reference laboratory for the northern eighteen counties of the Lower Peninsula and is an integral part of Michigan's Regional Laboratory Network. The eleven hospitals in the region are able to send clinical specimens to the lab for examination and reference testing.

The NMRL is certified by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for water testing and performs proficiency testing to verify quality results. The NMRL is registered with the Center for Disease Control, the US Department of Agriculture, and licensed for clinical testing by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.