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Food Services - Permanent Establishments

Annual License Applications (Existing Establishments)

Food Service License Application (with Certified Manager) [PDF File]
Food Service License Application (without Certified Manager) [PDF File]
2014 Fee Schedule - Chx, Antrim, Emmet counties [PDF File]
2014 Fee Schedule - Otsego county [PDF File]

Opening a New Permanent Food Establishment

If you are building a new building or remodeling an existing establishment or structure, you can jump right in and begin the Plan Review process. If, however, you are buying an existing establishment and plan to run it "as is", we recommend a call to the health department first. We have records on all existing food establishments under our jurisdiction, and can tell you before you buy if you would be inheriting any previously identified problems. Our sanitarians can be very helpful in pointing out potential pitfalls.

Penney L. Massey, R.S.
Charlevoix Office: 231-547-7668 [Email]

Scott Johnston
Otsego Office: 989-732-6863 [Email]

Ron Boss
Antrim Office: 231-533-8670 [Email]

Michele Delves
Emmet Office: 231-347-4694 [Email]

Michael Jones, R.S.
District Supervisor
Charlevoix Office: 231-547-7641 [Email]

Plan Review Submittal

Submittals must include: Download Plan Review Materials:

Instruction Sheet [PDF File]
Application [PDF File]
Worksheet [PDF File]

Plan Review Packet [PDF File]

MDA Plan Review Manual [External Link ]

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Forms:
STFU Wastewater [PDF File]
Warewashing [PDF File]
Time for Control [PDF File]
Thawing PHF [PDF File]
Reheating [PDF File]
Personal Hygiene [PDF File]
Hot Holding [PDF File]
Hand Washing [PDF File]
Employee Health [PDF File]
Date Marking [PDF File]
Cross Contamination [PDF File]
Cover Sheet [PDF File]
Cooling Food [PDF File]
Cooking Temperatures [PDF File]
Cold Holding [PDF File]
Cleaning and Sanitizing [PDF File]
Bare Hand Contact [PDF File]
Approved Sources [PDF File]
STFU Water Supply [PDF File]
Training [PDF File]

SOP Packet

Tax Exempt Application [PDF File]
Food Safety Guidelines for Restaurants [PDF File]
Daily Food Safety Checklist [PDF File]
Food Temperature Recording Log [PDF File]
MDA Food Law, Food Code, and Fact Sheets [External Link] (Note: the MDA website is an excellent resource for all kinds of information and links to other sites.)

Food Employee Health Related Issues

Revised Memo re: Employee Health (2-05-09) [PDF File]
Form 1-A Conditional Employee Interview [PDF File]
Form 1-B Employee Reporting Agreement [PDF File]
Form 1-C Medical Referal [PDF File]
Food Code Paraphrased for Physician Reference [PDF File]
2005 Food Code Exclusions and Restrictions [PDF File] (1.4 MB)
Food Code 2-201 Employee Health [PDF File]

Links of Interest

Upcoming ServSafe Classes: Certified Food Manager - Find a ServSafe Class
2014 Fee Schedule - Chx, Antrim, Emmet counties [PDF File]
2014 Fee Schedule - Otsego county [PDF File]
Norovirus Fact Sheet [PDF File]
Online Food Safety Classes [External Link]

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