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Dental Clinics North

Dental Clinics North provides dental services to children and adults who have Medicaid, Delta Dental (Healthy Kids Dental and MIChild) or Northern Dental Plan in 8 locations throughout Northern Michigan. A partnership of local health departments, DCN was formed in 1999 by six local health departments in a 20-county region in northern lower Michigan to expand access to comprehensive dental services to low income and under-insured people. DCN caters to children with Medicaid, Healthy Kids Delta Dental and Northern Dental Plan (see below). The partnership includes District Health Department #2, District Health Department #4, District Health Department #10, Grand Traverse County Health Department, Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department, and Health Department of Northwest Michigan. Clinical facilities operated by Michigan Community Dental Clinics, Inc. (MCDC).

To find a DCN clinic near you, visit the Locations page.

Northern Dental Plan

Sponsored by Dental Clinics North, Northern Dental Plan (NDP) offers dental services at a reduced fee to low income people who do not have dental insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid. The plan has a one-time $50* lifetime membership fee, which covers the cost of your first dental examination and full set of x-rays.

The Northern Dental Plan Plus has a one-time $75* lifetime membership fee and also covers a dental cleaning with your first visit.

Discounted rates provide up to a 30% savings on all dental treatments following your first appointment.

To be eligible, you must: For a family of:            Income must be

           1                                  $35,010
           2                                  $47,190
           3                                  $59,370
           4                                  $71,550

When you enroll in the NDP or NDP Plus plan, your first visit will be prepaid at any participating provider and future services will be available to you based on a reduced fee schedule. Additional financial assistance may be available through the Dental Assistance Fund, which is available to people who have an annual income of less than 150% of poverty. (Proof of income is required.) Talk to your provider to learn more about this fund.

To participate in the program:

You may download the application (below), pick one up at any Dental Clinics North location, participating health departments or participating private dentist's offices.
Call Dental Clinics North to register over the phone at: 1-877-321-7070.

Once your application and membership fee have been received and processed, your card will be mailed to you, along with a list of participating private dentists in the area. You will receive your membership card by mail in 2-3 weeks. Then just call Dental Clinics North toll free at 1-877-321-7070 or any participating dentist to make an appointment.


Northern Dental Plan brochure and application [PDF File]
List of NDP Participating Dentists [PDF File]
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