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Area communities support breast cancer prevention efforts in Antrim County

Supporting its goal to reduce deaths from breast cancer in Antrim County, the Antrim County High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention approved $69,000 in expenditures at a recent Board of Directors meeting, including a major grant to the local health department. According to the National Cancer Institute, Antrim County has the highest death rate for breast cancer in women among all Michigan counties.

“We are very grateful to the individuals, businesses, and organizations that donated time, merchandise, and cash to the High Tea during 2008,” said Dee Lynch, High Tea Chairman. “Thanks to them, we’ve been able to launch a comprehensive program to prevent and identify breast cancer here in Antrim County. All of the money we raise in Antrim County stays in Antrim County to fight breast cancer. We’re attacking a big problem, but we know we are making a real difference.”

The Board of Directors approved the following expenses for 2009: “The High Tea’s grant to the Health Department helps us reach uninsured women in Antrim County, said Teresa Loudenslager, who coordinates the Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program for the Health Department’s four-county health district, including Antrim County. “When the High Tea started five years ago in 2004, we saw just 22 women in our program from Antrim County. With the High Tea’s grant for community outreach and advertising, we’ll see 150 women this year!”

Loudenslager said the High Tea and the Health Department work together to get the word out to all women over 40 that they need a mammogram every year, whether or not they are eligible for Health Department programs. “An annual mammogram gives us piece of mind,” she said. “And if a mammogram identifies breast cancer, it’s much easier to treat early on. That’s why we say, ‘Do it for yourself, do it for your family.’

The Antrim County High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention is a non-profit, volunteer driven 501(c)3 dedicated to reducing deaths from breast cancer in Antrim County. A complete financial report and additional information about the High Tea, including how to make a donation, is at

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