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Antrim County High Tea fills gap left from state cuts

(January 27, 2011) Thanks to a grant from the Antrim County High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention, the local health department will not cut the number of women enrolled in the Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) in Antrim County.

"The ACHT grant includes funds to purchase BCCCP services for 40 Antrim County women,"said Theresa Loudenslager, who coordinates the BCCCP for the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. "Michigan Department of Community Health cut our caseload in Antrim County for 2011 to 147 women. The High Tea's grant means we can serve 27% more women."

Loudenslager noted three women from Antrim County were diagnosed with breast cancer through the BCCCP last year. "The High Tea is doing life-changing work," she said. "We encourage annual exams so cancers can be treated early, when they are easier to treat."

Diagnostic tests and cancer treatment, if needed, is covered by the BCCCP through the Medicaid Treatment Act.

Women are eligible for the BCCCP who are age 40-64, live in Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet, or Otsego counties, are uninsured or have no mammogram coverage, and meet certain income eligibility requirements.

"Many women are very surprised to learn they are income-eligible for the BCCCP," said Loudenslager. "For example, a woman from a family of four can have a family income $55,000 and qualify for BCCCP if she meets the other eligibility requirements."

Uninsured women--and men--from Antrim County who need a mammogram, but do not qualify for the BCCCP, have a resource that is not available anywhere else in the state. The Antrim County High Tea covers the cost of their mammograms, in partnership with Munson Medical Center.

"We are absolutely committed to increasing the number of women from Antrim County who receive an annual mammogram--no matter what their financial or insurance status," said Ed Huller, President of the High Tea.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan is mandated by the Michigan Public Health Code to promote wellness, prevent disease, provide quality healthcare, address health problems of vulnerable populations, and protect the environment for the residents and visitors of Antrim, Charlevoix, Emmet, and Otsego counties. For additional information or to schedule a mammogram appointment, call 800-432-4121.