STD Awareness Month

Regular STD screening is a good idea for anyone who's sexually active. It's particularly important for those with a new partner or multiple partners. Early diagnosis and treatment can help stop the spread of infections.

To find out more about STD testing and our Sexual Health Services, call:


The Community Connections team is specially trained and very skilled at connecting people to resources to help with needs like transportation, utilities, housing and home supplies or repairs, food assistance, employment, access to care, etc.

The staff remains connected to the client until the need has been confirmed as met in most cases. Referrals can be made for anyone in the community - any age, no income or other eligibility, and you do not have to be a current HDNW client.

For questions about the program, please call:


Medical Director, Dr. Joshua Meyerson shares what you need to know about protecting your children from measles.

If you have questions about you or your child's immunization status, or would like to make an appointment for you or your child to receive the MMR vaccine, please call: